Cyber Crimes to Cyber Warfare – Everybody Is At Risk!

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When we think about Cyber Security, the first thing that comes to our mind is Cyber Crimes. This is a global problem and its threat is growing immensely, especially during this pandemic and lockdown period. Before talking about Cyber Security, let’s try to understand the what’s and how’s of Cyber Crime.

Although it is difficult to guess the number of ways cyber-crimes are committed, we can discuss a few common patterns here to start with. For example, some of the cyber criminals take advantage of unattended bugs to break into systems. When they use a new unknown bug, it is called a zero-day attack. In other cases, they break in using known bugs that the developers or users have not bothered to ‘patch’ or fix. Another example many of us might know (or might have even experienced) is that of cyber attackers simply tricking people into handing over login credentials or One Time Passwords (OTPs). In many cases, the cyber attackers break into the system by installing harmful software, known as malware, in the user’s device.

Cyber criminals usually target individuals or companies, with an intention of stealing money or company secrets. But in a few cases, a cyber-attack might be targeted at a larger group – say, an entire country. In such cases, certain information and privacy are not the only things at risk. Some cyber-attacks are aimed at creating chaos and causing unrest among the public, leading to destruction and damage at a large scale. If some country directs such an attack at another country, it is considered to be an act of Cyber Warfare. This includes hacking the Government websites with an intention to malign the country’s image on global level. Cyber warfare also aims at stealing confidential information, especially regarding the armed forces and defense strategies of the target country.

With the raging COVID-19 pandemic, an evident crisis of Coronavirus-related cyber-attacks has also proliferated since March 2020. Cyber attackers are exploiting the fears and uncertainties around the virus by spreading fake news and using click baits in the name of Coronavirus vaccine, Government schemes, etc. Phishing scams, Ransomware and Trojan attacks have seen a dramatic rise over the last six months, adding to the financial frauds and duping cases across the globe.

Cyber Security – The Need of the Hour

Every industry – from manufacturing to finance – and every entity in the market – from Government to private – are growing more and more dependent on Information Technology. The IT services encompass every aspect – from business communication to marketing to financial transactions – of any company. Cyber Security plays an important role in the field of information technology. Securing the information and transactions has emerged as one of the biggest challenges in the current times.

The use of the Internet has increased considerably over the past decade. From ordering food to shopping and from education to entertainment, everything has become online. While on one hand, this technological revolution has proved to be a boon, on the other hand, the internet and its users have become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This has indeed created a bigger need for cyber security awareness in order to protect the users from online frauds and cyber-crimes. These articles are intended to provide an introduction to the concept and create basic understanding of Cyber Security.

With the technological advancement in the field of the internet, Cyber Security is emerging as one of the most lucrative career options available today, and the demand for Cyber Security professionals is increasing day by day. Let’s take this opportunity to grow personally and professionally while helping the society at large. Let’s join hands to fight against the viruses – real as well as virtual – and make the internet space safer and more useful for now and forever!