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My LC40 Corogatted RC Plane

Hi, My name is Gaurav and I would like to share my Hobbies with you, Let me first introduce myself, As of today I am an Amateur Astronomer, Aeromodeler, Astrophotographer, Explorer, an Entrepreneur and a Science freak. So basically I am a Hobbyist who have many hobbies. I am doing my day job to pay my bills and for my bread and butter but what I am really passionate about is my hobbies. So naturally I like to spend my time around these hobbies.
I am in these hobbies for many years now, my oldest hobby is Aeromodeling. I am fascinated by the Airplanes since my childhood, so whenever I heard plane noise I ran out of house to spot it in the sky. I used to make paper airplane models and tried to fly them. After that I started making various airplane models using different materials. Now I use corogated plastic sheet & Balsa Wood to create new Model Airplanes. After making the Airplane I test fly them. My Airplanes are Remotely Controlled by a Radio Transmitter. Every weekend I and my Aeromodeler friends go for flying on our flying field. We really enjoy flying. Its a refreshing activity. Showing off new model airplanes every weekend is fun activity.

My 6 inch Self made foldable Telescope

Now lets talk about Astronomy. Honestly Since I have entered in the Astronomy I have forgot Aeromodeling. Because now I am focusing more on Astronomy. Now people ask me what happened to your Airplanes? I have not left Aeromodeling entirely but now I go for flying less often and go for Stargazing more often. I am working in the field of Science and Astronomy for five years now, and in these years I have learnt a lot of things and still learning. I have designed and built my own telescope from scratch which is unique of its kind. I have started conducting Stargazing Programs for general public. I also volunteer in my Public outreach activities as a science communicator. Now I have gained enough knowledge about Science and Astronomy to answer the frequently asked questions form general public of all age group but also I am still learning because some times people ask questions that I am also not familiar with. So I need to research such questions. So it give me opportunity to gain some more knowledge which beneficial for me and them also.
As far as Astronomy goes we regularly go for Astronomical observation, to the outskirts of the city. From city we can not observe night sky because it is full of Pollution both Air pollution as well as light pollution. Light Pollution is a worst enemy of astronomy. From the city area only the brightest stars can be seen, but there is so much more to see than only those bright stars, and those sky objects are very faint. So to enjoy the beauty of those faint objects we need pitch black skies and we can only find this type of sky outside city. Some distant villages are gifted with such night skies. And I really like to go to those places and appreciate the beauty of heavenly jewels in the night sky. Its a mesmerizing experience.

-Gaurav Babar