Cyber Security Components

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Businesses of every size and industry are vulnerable to Cyber-attacks. Having a strong Cyber security strategy in place to defend organization against these attacks, and recover quickly to avoid downtime, is an absolute must when it comes to the success of any organization. Cyber security is important because government, military, corporate, financial, and medical organizations collect, process, and store unprecedented amounts of data on computers and other devices. A significant portion of that data can be sensitive information, whether that be intellectual property, financial data, personal information, or other types of data for which unauthorized access or exposure could have negative consequences. Organizations transmit sensitive data across networks and to other devices in the course of doing businesses. Cyber Security describes the discipline dedicated to protecting that information and the systems used to process or store it. As the volume and sophistication of Cyber-attacks grow, companies and organizations, especially those that are tasked with safeguarding information relating to national security, health, or financial records, needs to take steps to protect their sensitive business and personnel information.

The goal of implementing Cyber-security is to provide a good security posture for computers, servers, networks, mobile devices and the data stored on these devices from attackers with malicious intent. Cyber-security is a continuously changing field, with the development of technologies that open up new avenues for Cyber-attacks. One of the most problematic elements of Cyber-security is the continually evolving nature of security risks. As new technologies emerge, and technology is used in new or different ways, new avenues of attack are developed as well. Keeping up with these continual changes and advances in attacks can be challenging to organizations, as well as updating their practices to protect against them. This also includes ensuring that all the elements of Cyber-security are continually changed and updated to protect against potential vulnerabilities. This can be especially challenging for smaller organizations.