Positive Impact of Internet

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Learning: One aspect of Internet that has had a great impact on society is how it affects learning. Internet has made learning more interactive and collaborative. This has helped people better engage with the material that they are learning. Also, it gets students better access to resources. With the creation of the internet, it gives students access to information at a twenty-four-hour rate. Students have access to almost anything online. In addition, it allows students to get work done easier. Students can take quizzes and exams more easily, and teachers being able to hold online classes effectively. Internet has expanded the boundaries of the classroom, encouraging self-paced learning. College students and even outsiders can access learning through YouTube and social media. This helps students learn better than sitting down for lectures and reading from textbooks. These technological advancements made learning more fun and convenient.

After the outbreak of Covid-19 (Corona Virus) the schools, colleges and other educational institutes were closed to stop the outbreak. But the learning did not stop. The world quickly adapted to the new challenge. The Internet provided a way to attend the classes from the comfort of the home. Classes started online. Prestigious universities like Harvard have made their most famous professor’s lectures available on YouTube. People now have access to high quality education at a fraction of cost than that of collage fees.

Communication: Despite the presence of thousands of language globally, now the internet has provided a platform for everyone to come together and connect to each other. Internet does not respect the boundaries. It has reached every corner of the world, including Antarctica. Even the Astronaut around orbit of the earth in space has access to internet. The rover exploring the surface of planet Mars have access to internet. The internet has revolutionized all forms of communication since the beginning of its existence. The world has now become ‘smaller’ or more like a ‘global village’, so to speak. The Internet makes communication easier and faster, and makes modes of communication more diverse.

With the Internet, people can stay in touch with friends and family regardless of time and location. This helps foster intimacy and togetherness in an increasingly spread-out, mobile world. Another way technology has impacted society is through communication, how we talk and communicate with one another worldwide. Technology brought many new methods of electronic communication. For example, there are emails, social networking, user can face time a person that lives on the other side of the world, and then there’s video conferencing where users can have conferences electronically. Internet also creates more opportunities for strangers to meet because of common interests, and for new friendships and other relationships to develop between random acquaintances. With the Internet ordinary people have more power to grow their networks of contacts and thereby expand their reach.

Social Networks: The human being is often considered as a Social being. We humans have been living in societies even before we started walking on two legs. It is no surprise that the Internet is also used for Social interactions. Internet has positively transformed from a simple tool for publishing information to a mean of social interaction and participation. Social networks can be defines as online services that allow individuals to create a public profile which is visible to the entire world. Additionally, users publish a list of other users with whom they share a connection and view. A user can exchange their own lists of connections and those who are created by others. Social networks are a set of interactions and relationships of individuals. The term is also used today to describe services that allow interactions between users sharing their views, photos and other information. The most famous of these websites are Facebook, Twitter, My Space, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. These services have helped form virtual communities where people can communicate and develop contacts through them.

Social media use has skyrocketed over the past decade and a half. The rise of social media means it’s unusual to find an organization that does not reach its customers and prospects through social media platforms. Companies see the importance of using social media to connect with customers and build revenue. Businesses have realized they can use social media to generate insights, stimulate demand, and create targeted product offerings. This is important in traditional businesses, and, obviously, in the world of e-commerce. Many studies suggest implementing social networks within the workplace can strengthen knowledge sharing. The result is to improve project management activities and enable the spread of specialized knowledge. Fully implementing social technologies in the workplace removes boundaries, eliminates silos, and can raise interaction and help create more highly skilled and knowledgeable workers.

Health Care: With the help of Internet the technological advancements that were made within the health care industry too. Positive effects of Internet as health information have enhanced patient confidence in dealing with doctors, better health choices and decision making, improved understanding of health conditions, and improved communication with medical staff. Improved information access through Internet health information, given the information is clinically relevant, accurate, and validated, has been linked to improved outcomes.

Internet has helped keep people safe and healthy. There are many innovate apps on phones that guides people to watch their weight, how many calories they intake, heart-rate and other health properties any time of the day. There’s increased accessibility of treatment available. There is the change in healthcare that adds benefits for the elderly, and hospitals using advanced technology within their surgical rooms.  Health information gained from internet provides a sense of empowerment, purpose, and control, and patient empowerment can lead to better treatment and higher levels of patient satisfaction.

Medical research was once a somewhat modular field, wherein universities and hospital networks were working independently from each other. Thanks to the internet, medical researchers around the globe are now able to collaborate in ways which were simply not feasible even as recently as 25 years ago. Doctors, insurers, and other distinct sections of healthcare can pass information back and forth without investing in time-consuming and costly methods of secured manual transfer. The internet has undoubtedly changed just about every industry on the planet. Healthcare has been no exception. Amid the greater evolution of information technology happening all around us, it’s easy to overlook the ways in which it’s altered the healthcare industry.

Business:  The majority of businesses use the internet for marketing and selling. Businesses are using social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram; along with websites, and blogs to promote products and services directly to the end users on the internet. Digital Marketing tools help all kinds of businesses to communicate the marketing message and brand values with the people.  Businesses are growing attracting more customers with engaging campaigns, digital content, and by using online marketing methods to their online stores. Today the consumers expect the revolutionized products and services. Internet user’s priorities, expectations, desires, and styles have changed. Consumers are now connected with Internet. Due to the availability and higher speed of information, knowledge, and opinions, it’s changing the decisions and priorities of customers, consumers, companies that provide various services. The fact is that now a day it’s impossible to conduct business without using the internet. Business use internet in every aspect; from idea to management, production to marketing, selling, and purchasing and accounts management to tax filing. One can see that the internet has impacted the traditional methods far more that any other revolution has done in history.

There are big opportunities for everyone on the internet to start the business. The Internet created opportunities to start and operate a business online. Anyone can start an online business from home. Such as Ecommerce, affiliate marketing, publishing, content creation, designing, and web/app development, blogging and digital marketing, etc. Businesses have big opportunities on the internet. There are thousands of people and companies doing business online and making a big profit in a shorter time.

Entertainment: Entertainment is an activity, which provides a diversion or permits people to amuse themselves in leisure time. Entertainment industry is a part of tertiary sector of the economy and includes a large number of sub industries devoted to entertainment. It is also known as showbiz. Internet sector has also influenced the entertainment sector. Due to safe e commerce environment and digitalization of content, the entertainment industry has new face now. This industry consists of several areas like music, movies, television, games, sports, broadcasts and much more. The combination of music, films, ads and games etc. enables completely new product and services to be created. The internet has played a significant role in entertainment. It has changed the way that entertainment is viewed, consumed and also the way in which it’s received. Many years ago, entertainments were primarily enjoyed in real time and live. Now, we are able to watch things live and also watch replays of entertainment thanks to the provision of the internet. As with everything, this has many implications for the entertainment industry and has helped artists globally. It has also created an avenue for other sub-forms of entertainment to emerge as a result. Social media platforms, like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok etc. have made many entertainers more influential than they may have been without its existence.

Jobs and Employment: Technological advances have often come at the expense of certain categories of jobs. This was evident in the industrial revolution and recent digital revolution. But with the invention of Internet, the world has witnessed a paradigm shift. Internet certainly has affected some businesses, but globally it has created thousands and thousands of new professions which never existed before. Jos, skills, techniques which were unheard of is emerging day by day. Internet has provided an opportunity to work from home during the outbreak of Covid-19. The internet is a tool that gives access to resources that individuals can use to develop businesses with potential to grow and even to generate employment. It offers a means of accessing new business opportunities – through the development of new products, new services and new markets.